What is creative manifesting?


Creative Manifesting — what is it?

It’s not a step-by-step process. 

It’s a way of playing and experimenting with life and the world that supports your natural expansion. 

It’s a way of broadening your perspective and playing with energy to begin shaping a different life for yourself. 

I’ve never had much luck with following step-by-step manifestation processes, though I’ve implemented bits and pieces of what I’ve learned.

As someone who experienced emotional abuse in my early years, I was left struggling with overwhelming anxiety and depression in high school and beyond. I dropped out of college in my second year because after the novelty of that experience wore off, I was left in a — state. I felt small and insignificant. I had no desire to do anything. I didn’t care if I finished school or not. I grew progressively more anxious and depressed and eventually, I went home. 

After a few months at home, I was working part-time and taking an art class. These were my mother’s conditions for coming back to live at home. And honestly, they helped to keep me feeling somewhat alive and part of the world, but the art class did so much more.

The class led me back to my creativity. I had always been a fervent writer, filling journals and writing poetry to release the emotional pain I often endured. I had also dabbled in piano as a child and could draw decent sketches of people.

Over the first few weeks of class, I started taking walks by the river behind the local college and would often find a bench to sit for hours listening to the water, the animals, the cars on the bridge overhead and the people arriving and leaving class in the distance.

I started bringing my little 35mm camera to take pictures at the river (this was before the age of smartphones). I ditched the city bus to work and began walking instead, taking pictures along the way, catching the sunshine in between buildings. I borrowed my mom’s old acoustic guitar and taught myself basic chords and melodies. Then, I got guitar lessons and started writing really basic melodies with very intense lyrics.

These creative projects helped me express myself, heal, build my confidence, connect to my intuition, tap into flow, drop into trust…and so much more.

They helped me find the desire to create my life again.

And over the years when I’ve gotten caught up in life, anxiety and fear…I come back to creative projects every time to play, release, reconnect and drop into flow.

To me, creative manifesting is a way to create a life you love by playing and experimenting.

At its core, it’s a reminder that you are a creator. You are always creating. Things are always changing. You are always attracting. And simple shifts begin a ripple of change that becomes more than you could ever imagine.

It’s a beautiful thing to play, dance and experiment with life and trust that everything is working out for you. 

You are not here to find a safe place and stay there.

You are not here to just daydream.

You are a beautiful, physical incarnation of source energy and you are here to create a life that thrills you. A life of wonder. A life of satisfaction or peace or whatever kind of life and feeling you want to create and all the ways it changes as a reflection of your continual transformation. 

This is creative manifesting.

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