• The more you play, the more you can manifest with more ease and flow.


    Creative manifesting is a way of changing your perspective.

    It's a way of cultivating creativity so you can deepen your connection to Source,

    strengthen your intuition, create energetic harmony and

    reawaken your manifesting mojo.



    Creative practices can help you:


    feel spiritually heightened

    express your emotions

    heal from trauma

    experience immense joy

    balance your energy

    reawaken your senses...and sensuality

    connect to source energy

    strengthen your intuition

    and expand your world



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  • Hi, I'm Teresa. I'm the kind of person that wonders why people stop drawing, dancing and playing guitar as they get older.

    I'm also the kind of person that gently helps people return to their creative nature.



    Art (in all its forms) helps you move through pain.

    It's therapy. It heals you.

    It helps you feel expansive, like anything is possible.



    Creative activities can help you get quiet and connect to your intuition and to the divine. When you create a strong connection to your higher self, you notice those intuitive hits the Universe is always sending your way so you can take action that's aligned with the life you want to create.


    We were all born with that manifesting mojo.


    I want to help you find it again.


    When you follow your creative curiosity and revel in the joy and wonder that comes with it,

    you will begin to heal yourself and naturally harness your manifesting energy.


    So...are you ready to explore your creativity?


    Start your creative manifesting journey now.




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